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Acrimonious Paradise

Balance, Love, and Abundance 

Acrimonious Paradise is a safe haven for spiritualist and magick practitioners of all levels to be inspired to learn new things. Here we promote expansion, universalism, & self improvement. Undoubtedly life is a spiritual journey, and Acrimonious Paradise is here to help you navigate this exciting wonderland!

When introduced to metaphysics, I was intimidated by the vast amounts of tools and techniques that could aid me in energy healing & manipulation.  So I have created Acrimonious Paradise to be the spiritual guide and road map that I've always needed. 

My background comes from studying  Rootwork, Religious and cultural practices, Restoration practices, and traditions I learned from my family. I have experienced the complete flip of perspective that spirituality has brought into my life and i am hoping that I can inspire more people to open up more to the world around them. 

Before spirituality became my lifestyle I was treating it like a hobby and I was missing so many different types of opportunities that I would not have even been aware of before being a spiritualist. 

There are several pages on my website that can help you navigate what ideas you would like to know more about. And I have blog pages that expand on those ideas, getting more into detail and the specifics of the practice. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out here.     

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