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About Me 

Balance, Love, & Abundance 

Undoubtedly life is a spiritual journey, and Acrimonious Paradise is here to help you navigate this exciting wonderland of spirituality!

When introduced to metaphysics, I was intimidated by the vast amounts of tools and techniques that could aid me in energy healing & manipulation.  So I have created Acrimonious Paradise to be the spiritual road map that I've always needed.

Our current Series include: Divine Energy, Herbology,& Shadow work 

Twice a month articles are published here that will give you the confidence to confront your demons.These topic will include how you can work with divine energy, the importance of currated & traditional ritual, as well as a pethura of magickal tools and practices that will keep you riding high through any challenge life throws your way.

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Popular Articles

Shadow Work 101  Inner Child .png

When you venture into shadow work, you are ultimately trying to heal your emotional wounds, so that you can consciously become your uninhibited best version.


Shadow work is your key to intentional living by making all the bad habits of your shadow conscious and thus changeable.

Letter to My Ancestors



"With an open mind, gifts, & gratitude I welcome my ancestors with open arms. I have created this ancestral altar to express my love for you & to lay bare my intentions.

I am eternally grateful that you have blazed the trail before me & given me the opportunity to live the incredible life that I live.

I appreciate all of the guidance you have given me thus far & I wish to expand on our relationship.

I call out to all of my ancestors, to the spiritual guides whose blood now runs through my veins.

I want to know you. I want to know the experiences that make your essence yours. So that I may understand the world and my position in it better.

I'm looking for our relationship to be built on loyalty, trust, and mutual respect so that we may learn and evolve together..."

In our everyday lives, we are surrounded by botanicals. In our teas, food, skincare, beauty products, flowers, oils, and everything the Earth provides for us. 

Herbology is the study and application of botanicals for the use of energy manipulation. Learn the significance of herbs you can find in any pantry and how you can use these items to your greatest magickal advantage.
The moon in all her glory is a magnificent celstial body. She is a symbol of triumph through change and the endless cycles of life and death. For every phase of the moon holds its own significance, and aligning with the power of the moon is going to take you so much further than simply drawing power for yourself.  
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