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Divine Femininity & Divine Masculinity

Introduction video

As people we already have our own ideas about what masculinity and femininity mean. But what does it mean to be divinely feminine or divine masculine. 


To be divine means to come from God, the highest vibrating realm of existence. What most people can agree upon is that we all come from a bigger something, whether this is a singular entity or multiple entities we can conclude, that it's a common belief that you are part of what created you. 


Much like you are part of your parents, grandparents, ground, sky, stars, and ultimately the infinite universe. This also means you are part god , part infinite universe, all you.


To most with a foot into spirituality it is a blessing to have the spirt of your creator ( God ) inside your self, like catching the holy spirt, providing mediumship, or intentional envocation.


In ancient times High priestesses invoke the spirits of the gods  within them to receieve divine messages,  even to this day people call upon their  gods or goddess in the hopes that they too  will “ catch a spirit”.

                                               Start your Journey with our introduction to  divine masculine and  feminine energy


The Divine Feminine

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