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Full Moon Ritual ( Release and Restore)



Ritual Work


  1. Paper

  2. Red pen or Marker ( Red symbolizes your power to release and restore)

  3. Lighter or Matches

  4. Tongs/ Tweezers/ a Fire safe dish 


  1. Write down what you want to release. Think of releasing the root of your problems as well as the symptoms of it

  2. Meditate on releasing all of that negative energy while crumpling up the paper, allow every squeeze of the paper to represent all of the stagnat energy you have been holding in because of your problem being feed into the paper. With every release of negative energy going into the paper breath in acceptance and forgivness into your heart. 

  3. After feeling like all of the stagnat and bad energy has been replaced in your spirit with restorative energy( love, acceptance, & forgiveness) you can light your paper on fire. do this outside or outside an open door or window. When all of the paper has been lit you can start blowing the ashes away to send it back to the Earth so its energy will be repurposed. 

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