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Passion Elixir



Ritual Work


  • 40+ Proof Alcohol, Honey Brandy is traditional. Here I used tequila to create an additional layer of sweetness as tequila is fermented from agave. You'll need half your container’s worth of alcohol to make this elixir.

  • Raw honey is traditional. In this instance, I used raw agave to correspond with the rest of my ritual blend, and is what I had on hand. Honey and Alcohol should be in a 1:1 ratio.

  • Cinnamon- Good fortune, love, & protection

  • Nutmeg- Sensuality & highetend spirits

  • Fresh Rose Petals- Attraction,love, & romance

  • Red Clover- Good luck, purified energy, & satisfaction

  • Caco- Elevates your well being & opens your heart

  • Ginger Root- To have heated passion

  • Container for elixir to ferment in 

  • Strainer if you dont want the herbal pieces in your final product ( not necessary)


  1. Mix togeather all of the botanical parts of your ritual blend. This will be cinnamon, nutmeg, rose, red clover, caco, & ginger root. Make sure to set your intentions for each of these herbs, and that your ritual blend takes up no more than 1/3 of your jar when compressed. 

  2. Then you will pour your alcohol of choice untill your container is 1/2 way filled 

  3. Top offf the rest of your container with your sweeteer of choice. Raw honey or raw agave

  4. Shake your elixir togeather and date when you created it.

  5. Keep your elixir in a cool dark place for 3 weeks. 

  6. When you want to take your elixir start off with about 2 tablespoons worth in any beverage of your choosing. If you used honey it will best dissolve in warm darinks like tea.  Agave will melt into any beverage just make sure to shake well, especailly delicious in cocktails. The elxir has a sweet and powerful flavor.

  7. You can strain your elixir into a new container so you dont have to deal with the herbal peices. I like to use the top of the mason jar to strain out bigger peices but there will definitley be some smaller botanicals that make their way through that i dont mind drinking. 

  8. Store in a cool dark place to keep your elixir happy for years:)

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