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Candle Magick | Protection



About the Spell

Simple Candle Magick for Protection


  • White candle , 7-day candle perferred but any candle size will do.

  • Motar & pestal or a bowl 

  • Skewer ( only need for optional ingredients)

  • Sea Salt (optional)

  • Olive oil (optional)

  • Basil (optional)

  • Rosemary (optional)


  1. Gather all of your ingredients

  2. Show your respect and gratitude and intention into each herb/oil and put it into your bowl . 

  3. Mix your herbs togeather or grind them in a motar and pestle in a clockwise motion.

  4. Set your intentions by praying over your ingredients for protection. You can say your own prayer, a protection hymm for a specfic deity or Psalms 23

  5. Take your skewer and make 3 holes ( representing parts of the self) and dress the candle with the oil and herbs, making sure to get them pushed into the holes of the candle. 

  6. Light your candle near a window, doorway, or mirror and let it burn straight through day and night untill your space feels sacred again.  This can be done with a tealight candle less lengthy purposes. 

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