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The Stars

Cosmic Synergy 

The universe, our higher selves, & everything in between 

Lunar Energy 

Blog Post 

Learn the Major phases of the Moon and their significance. Including how you can use the 6 phases of the moon as a roadmap to executing your goals. 


An Ancient Transmutation Practice

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, & Aether are said to be the elements that make up all things we can perceive and interact with. By developing a better understanding of the elements' physical, emotional, and spiritual properties we can heal and transform the world around us. 

The Highest Self 

The Ultimate Divine Connection

By nature we are all multidimensional beings, our highest self is the ultimate connection to divine knowledge and our intuition. By integrating with our highest self we gain access to untapped potential, guidance, wisdom, and an unmatched love connection one can only have with their self. 

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The Moon & Me

over 42 Beginner Friendly Rituals 

Transform with the immense power of the lunar cycle and understand each stage of the moon's significance from New Moon to New Moon. E-Book and Physical Copies are available, for your viewing pleasure!

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